PC ASSIST Exeter, one-to-one computer tutor and repairs located in Pathfinder Village - TARGET AUDIENCE Late learners and over 55's. PC Tuition, PC repairs, PC upgrades, PC installations etc


PC Assist was created to fill a recognised need in the over 55's for computer tuition in Pathfinder Village, Tedburn St. Mary, Longdown, Crediton and surrounding areas. Whilst by no means limited to these areas - anyone may use our assistance - we offer local services to help keep costs to our clients to a minimum.

We hold qualifications in I.T. and have provided bespoke web design services in Exeter, South Molton, Bideford, Fremington, Barnstaple. Tiverton, Lynton and our immediate vicinity for some years. 

Only recently have we decided to take another step by offering our services to a wider market - there are more people out there struggling with their PC's than we'd imagined - the over 55's missed the initial explosion of PC's by just a year or two - some have only just come into the field recently, others have been struggling for a while and are somewhat despondent at being non-computer savvy. It's these folks we're focusing on now. We want you to able to get in touch with family and friends by computer as easily (but less expensively) than by phone or by having to save and make visits in person.

Previous work undertaken includes (but is not limited to):

Teaching basic computer knowledge - from booting up and finding your way around the pc's operating system - adding accounts to windows, setting permissions, copying/pasting, formatting, getting online, setting up emails, writing letters, setting up/installing printers and so on...

Creating and writing pictorial step-by-step tutorials - to keep and learn from for people just like you.

Creating letterheads, commercial flyers, tri-fold leaflets, invoices, stationery etc.

Updating and repairing PC's - retrieving lost files, resetting accounts, resetting the system, installing/reinstalling/uninstalling cards, drives, drivers and programmes etc...

Building PC's from scratch - Starting with the case and adding all necessary cards, drives, leads etc. to make a bespoke computer. (As this is very expensive and time consuming we no longer offer this service).

Designing and building effective web sites - for individuals and for businesses. Teaching the people who'll run the sites we've built how to update, edit and keep their site current,. How to submit their site/s to search engines to enable potential customers to find them on the world wide web.

www.petandhousesitservice.uk for an example

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