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  • PC Assist Exeter can help with any number of PC problems, from learning how to use your operating system (Windows) through learning how to use your mouse and a variety of programmes effectively, to fixing a crashed PC for you.  Please see my Computer Services page. or send an enquiry via the Enquiry page.

  • Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer - what should be a simple job can turn out to be a real pain and what should be difficult can (although not often) turn out to be resolved in a short time.

  • Repairs and minor installations/upgrades usually take place in your home, however, if the repair looks to be a long one with lots of 'Please wait' messages (when running scans, reinstalling the operating system or other software and removing viruses etc.) we provide a 'Bed and Breakfast' service where your computer comes to us and is fixed while we're working on other machines in the waiting periods. The cost of having lengthy repairs performed away from your home is less per hour as we're not limited to fixing just one computer at a time.

  • Lessons take place in your home, using your computer so you'll be more comfortable and able to learn exactly what you want to do with the computer you use all the time.

  • Don't miss our special offer which reduces the price of block-bought lessons. Details on the Rates page.

  • This depends on you, your frame of mind, what you want to learn and how far you wish to go.  You can depend on it that if you really want to learn, it'll be much quicker, easier and far more enjoyable than if you're really not very interested.  We'll be going at your pace and will spend as much or as little time on each subject as required.

    The good thing is, that once you've found your way around Windows and you're au fait with your mouse, you'll be better able to deal with virtually any other programme with relative ease, especially if you invest in our bespoke pictorial tutorials to assist you.

  • They are invaluable as a learning tool for the very valid reason that they are customised to your individual requirements.  All step-by-step pictorial tutorials are created and designed expressly for you: For where you are in your understanding of what you want from your computer; the programme/s you want to use effectively, the ease with which you can do so.  Once bought you keep and can refer to your customised tutorials as a backup/reminder for practice until, or when, you no longer have to rely on them.

    Buy more than one custom-built tutorial
    and get a discount!
    See the Computer Rates page

  • We should be able to assist, but if the programme's a very in-depth one (like Photoshop for example) it may be better for you to start off with a slightly easier/cheaper graphics programme then move on when you've got the hang of the easier/cheaper programme.  It will cost you a lot less in tutoring and Photoshop is very expensive - the more so if you need it only to alter a few photos etc.

  • We should be able to assist but we don't cover Mac devices.  If your laptop or notebook is running Windows - it should be fine.  If you need a hand with a Kindle, or an Android phone, we'll be able to help.

If the above hasn't answered your question, please use the Enquiries page to get in touch.

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